Kate Esplen - Horse Art and Jewellery

Equine abstract paintings and fine art equestrian jewelry

Kate Esplen has always loved horses.

Love of horses and an intuitive understanding of their characters inspired her to draw and paint horses from early childhood. Her artistic expression over the years evolved from photo realistic portraits of the horse's physical beauty toward more abstract equine paintings that better captured their real essence and spirit. The deep understanding of their anatomy and their herd relationships that came from riding dressage and eventing add an intimacy to all her work.

Her abstract horse paintings use line and color which are often mixed directly on the canvas with brush and a palette knife, and the occasional thumb, to capture the horses' movements. The style is free and layered and yet always aware of the horse's correct anatomy.

Kate's award winning sculptures have evolved into exquisite miniature works of hand crafted wire equine jewelry in sterling silver, gold and gold-filled wire. Wearable as horse jewelry, and yet still capturing the essence of the movement of the horse in her unique style.

All her fashionable horse jewelry and artistic flower jewelry is skillfully hand crafted and handmade in sterling silver and gold with intricate detail and the highest quality materials. Whether you are looking for an inspired gift horse necklace, an elegant dressage horse pendant, a polo horse in gold wire with diamonds, or an affordable horse birthday gift for a young rider, one of these handcrafted designer pieces will bring delight.

Give the perfect gift, a gift card that shares the experience of starting or building a unique art collection. Horse and country paintings, sculpture, jewelry and ceramics chosen according to the recipient's personal taste.

Kate's equestrian jewelry collection for an equestrian event, horse show or a wedding gift, every piece is eye catching and instantly recognizable.

Swarovski crystal bracelet and earring set with pearl highlights, healing gemstones in an artistic swirl of sterling silver, affordable gold-filled wire dressage or jumper competition stock-tie pin, every one attracts attention wherever it is worn.

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